- Userfriendly control panel
- Build in the Touchless Magnetostrictive Measuring system 
- PLC controlling unit
- User Planned Speed Modelling System
- Servo Motor System

Hereby we are proud to introduce you the latest developped transformer core winder machine for transformers  MAN2012 .
The Fully Automatic Core Winding Machine MAN2012 which decreases the labor costs and increases the productivity has
been more developped than before now .

What makes MAN2012 different than other Core Winders?

1) The widest winding range installed in one machine:
min-max id: 19.0 - 135 mm , max. od: 220 mm , width range: 10 - 80 mm

2) The Build-in the Touchless Magnetostrictive Measuring system:
It is in the Winders History the first integrated developped system by LARA ltd. - extreme precise and speedy .

3) It is a open system: It means the user can decide his own winding style, can set all the datas
from the LCD screen according the materials physical characteristic .

4) The PC controlled Observation module: Production Reports can be e-mailed anywhere the user
wants. For example if the user wants he can log  to the winder from his pc and observe the machine
through  the internet .

5) The easiest system to handle: The consumer can handle all the problems during the production
by itselft, even one day the machine has a failure . Nevertheless if the consumer demands our
assistance, our team is ready to assist you in shortest time .

6) More than 2.150 different special parts have been created during assembling of the winder .
Every machine part has been designed in details and improved within our 20 years production
knowledge . 

7) Core database which helps very easy to select the right winding parameters.

8) Menu options in English - Spanish - German - Czech - Polish - Russian - Italian....languages

9) According each different core dimension automatic pressure regulation will be done  with the
pressure regulators (Japan).

10) CE approved.

The Powered Strip case sensitive De-coiler: The De-coiler comes as a part of the package (installed laser
distance sensor - Germany).

Integral Tig Welding system: The integral welder is also under automatic control of the system and comes
as a part of the package.

For any related questions , we would appreciate to get in cooperation with you .

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Christchurch(NEW ZEALAND) , Mumbai(INDIA) , Nashik(INDIA), Milano(ITALY) , Sulzbach (GERMANY),
Poland (Myszkow)...

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MAN2012 ; The toroidal core winder equipment for transformers
4.2 id max: 135 mm , od max: 220 mm
The toroidal core winder MAN2012
Toroidal cores in various sizes
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4.1.1 Toroidal cores in various sizes